I recently attended the Investigators training offered by Forensic Video Solutions and I would recommend this class to any investigator that will be working with video files. Training with FVS opened my eyes to how misleading videos can be, and how important it is to analyze the data behind the video to establish what was recorded and what was not. For example, the timing in the video file may show one thing, and the actual timing between images may be very different. Video cameras at businesses, residences, and in vehicles have become very popular and frequently record incidents that later become the subject of investigations and litigation. It is important to make sure that the video recorded is accurately analyzed and that the correct data, such as timing between images, is used in the rendering of investigative findings and opinions. One of the tools we used in the class was iNPUT-ACE, which we recently added to our own set of tools, so I was happy to get some instruction on how to use the software effectively. It does a great job of interrogating video files and providing accurate information for our investigations. This was an incredibly valuable training on great tools, perfect for anyone ready to learn the data behind the video.

Dennis L. O’Brien – ACTAR
Traffic Crash Reconstructionist, Photogrammetrist & Forensic 3D Animator
Monroe, NY

Your work was essential to exposing the defense for what it was. I found you all to be outstanding to work with and greatly appreciated your excellent insights and professionalism. Your report was outstanding. Your prompt replies to emails were very much appreciated. In short, I have never work with better experts.

Charles Sparks
Deputy District Attorney
Multnomah County, Portland, OR

After seeing this forensic Video Seminar, I have a new respect for the value of video evidence. This will revolutionize the way we investigate ALL crimes!

Gene Henderson
Texas Department of Public Safety
Austin, TX

Although our client plead to Murder 2 before verdict, jurors indicated after they were released that they planned to convict only on the lesser charge of Manslaughter 2. This stands in sharp relief to the potential life imprisonment he faced otherwise. The jurors saw, based on your testimony, that Mr. Lipsey did not act with premeditation, did not have a gun drawn as he approached, and that there was a forward movement by the decedent prior to shots being fired. Several of the jurors were so invested in the outcome of the case that they came to subsequent hearings and sentencing. I believe your analysis and testimony brought them to a deeper level of understanding and investment in what actually occurred.

Zachary Walker Jarvis
Attorney, The Defender Association
King County, Seattle WA

He did a great job for me on an auto case here in Massachusetts where I thought the video showed nothing. Almost solely because of his report and work, I ended up with a 1 million plus settlement.

Andrew M. Abraham, Esq.
30 Rowes Wharf, Suite 410
Boston, MA 02110

Grant Fredericks was able to provide my client with information that was invaluable. Grant is a true professional who spends time working on details so as to provide the most accurate information possible.

Jane Burke, Attorney
Keating, O’Gara, Nedved & Peter LLC
Lincoln, NE

Mr. Fredericks provided critical analysis in a Seattle murder case I prosecuted, helping to identify a suspect’s car from a surveillance video near the crime scene. His analysis and conclusions were logical, intuitive and articulately presented to the jury. Moreover, he undertook a video analysis (reverse projection) that others were unwilling or unable to perform. In the end, his work made a crucial difference and helped to ensure that the defendant was held accountable. Through numerous cases he has proved to be energetic, hard working and a capable scientist.

Mark Larson
Chief Deputy
King County Prosecutor’s Office
Seattle, WA

You clearly demonstrated how superior your knowledge of video and video analysis is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your testimony was exceptional and highly regarded. So exceptional that the defense could not discredit or even shake you. You also demonstrated how graciously you assisted in the pursuit of justice, given your willingness to provide more than helpful tips during the trial.

Adam Silberlight
Assistant District Attorney
Richmond County District Attorney’s Office
Staten Island, NY

I am sure you are aware of how valuable you were in making sure that the State’s feet were held to the fire in this case. Without you, our client easily could have had this faulty testimony introduced against him during the course of the trial.Your work was outstanding. You communicated with us extremely well. Your report was one of the best reports I have ever received from any expert witness.

Alfredo Parrish
Parrish Kruidenier Dunn Boles Gribble Cook Parrish Gentry & Fisher L.L.P.
Des Moines Iowa

Grant’s policing background combined with his formidable video experience provides for a very dynamic and thorough analysis of video evidence.

Grant’s attention to detail is second to none. He utilizes scientific methodology and an investigative eye to maximize the evidential value of video exhibits….The quality of Grant’s work in interrogating the video witness and drawing out all available details is formidable.

Jonathan W. Hak, Q.C.
Alberta Justice
Crown Prosecutors’ Office