Employing the most advanced forensic image processing tools in the industry, FVS’ collaborative work-environment simultaneously links each analyst and technician workstation to the original evidence source, providing the fastest and most effective method of discovering and presenting the hidden details in video evidence.


Our facility was specifically designed to provide a physically and virtually secure laboratory environment. From reinforced exterior walls to dedicated power & HVAC, as well as UPS battery backup.

Evidence is properly inventoried, labeled, and securely stored in numbered and locked evidence containers. All evidence items are tracked via an exhibit management system that can produce detailed exhibit continuity reports.



Taking advantage of secure on-line meeting technology, FVS links clients to each stage of the analysis, allowing attorneys to view intermediate work for review-and-approval, directly from their own offices.



Avid ISIS pictureLeveraging the Avid ISIS shared workflow architecture, FVS manages over 100TB of on-line data, ensuring an interoperable experience from each workstation.