One of the most experienced trial experts in his field, Mr. Fredericks has testified as an expert witness providing opinion evidence throughout the US and Canada.

“Forensics is not just the process, its the explanation of the process. This is where Grant excels.” – Jim Hoerricks, Author of Forensic Photoshop
“Mr. Fredericks provided critical analysis in a Seattle murder case I prosecuted, helping to identify a suspect’s car from a surveillance video near the crime scene. His analysis and conclusions were logical, intuitive and articulately presented to the jury.” – Mark Larson, Chief Deputy, King County Prosecutor’s Office, Seattle, WA
“You clearly demonstrated how superior your knowledge of video and video analysis is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your testimony was exceptional and highly regarded. So exceptional that the defense could not discredit or even shake you.” – Adam Silberlight, Assistant District Attorney, Richmond County District Attorney’s Office, Staten Island, NY
“He did a great job for me on an auto case here in Massachusetts where I thought the video showed nothing. Almost solely because of his report and work, I ended up with a 1 million plus settlement.” – Andrew M. Abraham, Esq. BAKER & ABRAHAM, P.C., Boston, MA
“The jurors saw, based on your testimony, that Mr. Lipsey did not act with premeditation, did not have a gun drawn as he approached, and that there was a forward movement by the decedent prior to shots being fired. Several of the jurors were so invested in the outcome of the case that they came to subsequent hearings and sentencing. I believe your analysis and testimony brought them to a deeper level of understanding and investment in what actually occurred.” – Zachary Walker Jarvis, Attorney, The Defender Association, King County, Seattle WA
“Without you, our client easily could have had this faulty testimony introduced against him during the course of the trial.Your work was outstanding. You communicated with us extremely well. Your report was one of the best reports I have ever received from any expert witness.” – Alfredo Parrish, Parrish Kruidenier Dunn Boles Gribble Cook Parrish Gentry & Fisher L.L.P., Des Moines, Iowa
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