Democratization of video Evidence – Developing Video Literacy for Every Investigator

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019

8:00am – 9:30am

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Description: The most prolific source of evidence available to police comes from video images. Whether from body worn, in-car, private or public CCTV, or from social media sources, video evidence plays a critical role in most major crime investigations today. This workshop explores new strategic methodologies designed to develop a successful rapid response for the recovery and examination of video, improving the ‘time to evidence’ for serious criminal investigations. Attendees are exposed to a new seismic change in investigator video-literacy, witnessing how two of North America’s largest police departments are leading the way to putting the power of video examination into the hands of every investigator.


Event Location

McCormick Place – West Building, W192ab, 2301 S King Dr
Chicago, Illinois, 60616

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